Latest News!

  • FLU SHOTS-  We are holding flu clinics in order to decrease the amount of time you need to spend in our office.  Call us to make an appointment to receive the flu vaccine on one of our flu clinic days.   Please note, these appointments are for flu vaccines only.  If you need more time to ask the doctor questions or have your child examined for any reason, please make a separate appointment.

  • TELEMEDICINE VISITS- In order to provide families with care while following social distancing guidelines, we are offering telemedicine visits.  Please call us during office hours to schedule an appointment. 

  • LACTATION CONSULTS- For many mothers, breastfeeding can be easy and happens with minimal difficulty. But many other new moms will find breastfeeding more challenging, particularly during the first two weeks.  Lashanda Dandrich, an international board certified lactation consultant, will be able to help you work through those challenges and any others you may have along your breastfeeding journey.  Please call for an appointment.   Most insurances accepted.***Please note, if your child is not a patient of Soha Pediatrics, you must have an initial evaluation with one of the pediatricians prior to seeing the lactation consultant. 

  •  BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT GROUP- we are sorry for the inconvenience.  Group is canceled until further notice.

  • NEWBORN CARE CLASS (Virtual)- This 1 hour class is for first time parents who are about to give birth.   We will go over what to expect from a newborn in the first month of life.  Some topics we will be covering include: fevers, feedings, normal stooling and voiding, newborn rashes, when to call the doctor, etc.  This class is free of charge.  Join us for the next class on Monday, November 9 at 6pm. Please call or email us to make your reservation.