Corona Virus 

Dear Parents/Caregivers,


Thank you for helping us protect your children and our entire community by adhering to the policy changes below.

1.  We will no longer provide online appointment scheduling.  All appointments will be triaged by phone.  We are also strictly adhering to our no walk-in policy.  If you do not have an appointment and you walk in with your child, your child will not be seen.  Please call us for an appointment during regular office hours which can be found on the "contact" section of this website.  You will also see our after hours policy on the same page.

2.  We will be temporarily changing our office hours.  We are open Monday-Friday 9am-2:30pm.  We will not be open on Saturdays.  In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we will be seeing well visits earlier in the day and sick visits later in the day.  Additionally, we will be offering telemedicine visits to sick patients who may not want to come into the office.

3.  If your child has a mild cold (cough, runny nose, congestion), please stay at home.  If you have questions for the doctor, you may schedule a televisit, but you cannot have an in-office visit.  Keep your child at home until they are completely better and provide symptomatic care (nasal suctioning, steam, humidifiers, hydration, fever control).  Staying home is the best way to limit spread.

4.  If your child has a cold, and they have been exposed to a confirmed case of COVID 19, or they have traveled in the past 14 days, or they have been exposed to someone who has traveled within the past 14 days, you must self quarantine, then call our office.  If determined that it is necessary for your child to be tested, we will refer you to a testing facility.  We DO NOT have COVID 19 testing in our office, so DO NOT walk in.

5.  Depending on your travel history, you may be asked to self quarantine for 14 days from the time you left the area.  This is a level 3 travel health notice from the CDC.  Countries included in this notice are most European countries, China, Iran,  and South Korea.

6.  We would like to limit the amount of people coming into the office.  Therefore, each child should come with only 1 adult if possible.  Please make sure that adult is completely well, has not been exposed to any confirmed cases, or has traveled within the past 14 days, or has been exposed to anyone who has traveled. Additionally, everyone who comes into the office must wear a mask.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping to decrease the spread of COVID 19.




The Soha Pediatrics Team